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Carbon Capture and Storage #1

Climate-control policies cannot rely on carbon capture and storage

Carbon capture and storage is a powerful tool for reducing environmental damage caused by industrial processes, while allowing us to retain fossil fuels as a source of energy.

The technology requires investment, but on a scale already familiar to the energy sector. Once the technology is up and running, its installation will pay its way in any economy that puts a price on carbon emissions. What is more, in the long run similar technology may actually go beyond simply reducing emissions, removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and healing some of the harm already done to the earth.

Carbon capture and storage technology is fraught with risk and tainted with disingenuousness. It will prove expensive and impractical - only a fraction of carbon dioxide emissions will actually be stored, and underground carbon dioxide storage facilities will be unpopular with neighboring communities concerned about leaks. Meanwhile, the promise that carbon dioxide can be captured and stored will be used to justify the building of even more fossil fuel plants - which means that when the technology does not deliver on its promise the planet will be at even greater risk of catastrophic climate change.

What do you think?

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